Tob Pucarb

Tob Pucarb

Two-component polyurethane topcoat, cured with aliphatic isocyanate, with good gloss and colour retention.


Two-component glossy acrylic polyurethane topcoat, cured with aliphatic isocyanate, with good gloss and color retention. Contains zinc phosphate. Tob Pucarb is a corrosion resistance and provides heavy duty long-term protection for equipment’s exposed to aggressive chemical, industrial and marine environments. It has high tensile strength and elongation, excellent impact and abrasion resistance, which are vital features for surface.

Typical Applications:

  • Floor Coatings & Hygienic wall coatings Trailer & Tank Coatings Defense application Camouflage coatings Maintenance Coatings etc.
  • Storage Tanks, Petrochemical Industries and Refineries Railway.
  • Buses, Passenger Cars & Aircraft Ultra violet Resistant coatings Quality Furniture Building & interior decorating.
  • Wood finishes & Parquet floors Original Equipment Coatings Plastic coatings.
  • Ocean liners and luxury yachts.
  • Chemical & Fertilizer Industries.


  • Excellent resistance to abrasion & cracking.
  • Excellent tensile strength, peel strength and impact strength easy to apply and fast curing highly impervious to water and chemical seepage.
  • Elastic coatings, retains firmly under expansion and contraction of substrate. Highly resistance to Acids, Alkalies, SaltSpray, Halogens, Solvents, Lubrications etc. Has a good dielectric property.
  • Excellent weathering and gloss retention properties. No chalking for several years. Retains its original color & Gloss.Suitable for all kinds of Substrates including Metals and Non- Metals. Excellent Corrosion resistance on many substrate.
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion & cracking.