Tob Clean Paint

Tob Clean Paint

Pre-Catalyzed Epoxy ,Low VOC wall paint.


Tob Clean Paint is water based epoxy cleanroom paint is a single-component, pre-catalyzed waterborne acrylic epoxy paint. This offers the adhesion, durability and resistance to stains and most cleaning solvents usually characteristic of two-component waterborne acrylic epoxy products. These products are low in VOC, have a very mild odor and can be applied over a Tobslak primers on properly prepared interior metal, wood, masonry, plaster and drywall surfaces.

Typical Applications:

  • Tob Clean paint is low VOC paint is ideal for application in laboratories, pharmaceutical facilities, food & beverage plants, schools, hospitals, and various institutions in which a clean environment is required. Surface must be properly prepared before application of paint.


  • Use on interior institutional/commercial high maintenance areas.
  • Upgrade surfaces painted with conventional coatings with a high performance protection system with excellent adhesion.
  • Corrosion and Chemical resistant.
  • Recoatable, resistant to impact and mildew.
  • Covers approximately 100 sq ft/Ltr.
  • Available in White/pastel color.