Tob Sauber Primer

Tob Sauber Primer

VOC compliant Primer.


Tob Sauber primer is a cleanroom primer. These products are low in VOC, have a very mild odor and can be applied over properly prepared interior metal, wood, masonry, plaster and drywall surfaces.

Typical Applications:

  • Tob Sauber primer. Recommended for use on properly prepared interior wallboard and drywall surfaces, wood, masonry, and oriented strand board or particle board.


  • Use on interior institutional/commercial high maintenance areas.
  • VOC compliant in all regulated areas.
  • Can help earn LEED® 2009 credits.
  • Almost odorless.
  • MPI® approval in category #50, Primer Sealer, Latex, Interior.
  • Meets Standard (GPS-1).
  • Meets Low-Emitting Materials criteria section 01350.
  • Low VOC ( <50 g/L ).
  • 100 square feet per ltr. coverage.
  • Available in White color.