Tob Parquet Laquer

Tob Parquet Laquer

Single component Aqueous Polyurethane Paint (PU Paint).


Quick-drying parquet varnish, solvent-based, with very high abrasion resistance. Finish in 2 or 3 coats. Available in matt, satin and glossy. Possibility to add a hardener. Tob products are made for the professional user. The instructions specified in the data sheet are formulated after necessary tests were performed and after years of experience. However, they are drawn to our best knowledge and ability. The user must test the application of the product in the for him applicable conditions. Guarantee can not be derived out the text of this technical description.

Typical Applications:

  • Apply the Lacquer with a brush or roller. It’s recommended to apply 3 coats. Intermediate sanding between coats with grain180. In order to obtain better results, a hardener can be added to the varnish (5%). Mix the harder with the varnish and let rest for 15 minutes. After mixing with the hardener, the pot life is + / - 4 hours. Afterwards the product is unusable.


  • Non yellowing (Matt) polyurethane lacquer.
  • Easy application.
  • Excellent leveling.
  • Almost odorless.
  • Dries fast.