Tob Aqua 1K PU

Tob Aqua 1K PU

Single component Aqueous Polyurethane Paint (PU Paint).


Tob Aqua 1K PU is based on Aliphatic resins and exhibits enhanced resistance to U.V. without cracking, peeling or turning yellow. It is further cross linked and has good resistance to alkalies and mild acids and solvents. Tob Aqua 1K PU has an extremely low water vapour absorption unlike acrylics and it does not turn soft even under prolonged immersion in water and at the same time has excellent breath ability due to reverse osmosis allowing water trapped in the substrate to evaporate. It is single pack, very economical, having excellent water resistance, weathering resistance, extra ordinary adhesiveness, fast drying and very good breathing properties.

Typical Applications:

  • Surface should be free of dust and loose particles. It should be thoroughly abraded by a wire brush and loose particles should be removed by washing or air blown. The surface should be free of any oil or grease. It can be applied on damp and moist surface also.


  • Non-yellowing and Anti-fungal.
  • Easy application, no machinery required.
  • Provides seamless and joint free seal throughout the surface, which is impervious to water.
  • Lower labour cost due to easy, simple and quick application.
  • Excellent bonding to most building materials.
  • As the system is a water based system it is non-hazardous as compared to solvent based systems and can be used for laying of clean rooms.
  • As the molecule size is 0.010 microns it has excellent penetration and sealing capacity and can be used on the base plaster against efflorescence before putty and paint.