Tob 300 Stain

Tob 300 Stain

Transparent wood stain on natural oil base.


Transparent wood stain on natural oil base for all outdoor wood with a highly weatherproof surface.Tob Wood Stain provides a beautiful natural colouration of the wood. Open-pored, water-repellent and extremely durable. Reduces swelling and shrinking of the wood. Natural oils penetrate deeply into the wood and protect effectivelly against moisture and weather influences. Colour pigments with high UV-resistance ensure durable beauty of the wood surface. Tob Wood Stain bonds permanently with the wood – therefore no sanding in case of renovation, not even after many years.

Typical Applications:

  • All wood at the house: wooden cladding, roof overhangs, half-timbered constructions, balcony cladding, windows, shutters, carport, pergolas, screen panels, trellis, fences, garden gates, garden houses,Perfect for pressure impregnated wood. Suitable for thermowood.


  • Protects and maintains half-timbered construction, balcony cladding and other outdoor wood.
  • Weatherproof surface.
  • Water-and dirt-repellent.
  • Block resistance.
  • On natural oil basis.