Tob 200 Stain

Tob 200 Stain

UV-coatings with rapid drying.


Tob 200 Stain is hydro UV-coatings ideally combine the benefits of easy handling with optimal flow, rapid drying, and rapid sand- and stackability. They can be colorless as well as colored, sprayed or poured. In our latest developments, almost 100% of the overspray can be recycled - and the surfaces can be hardened using energy-saving UV resistance technology.

Typical Applications:

  • All wood at the house: wooden cladding, roof overhangs, half-timbered constructions, balcony cladding, windows, shutters, carport, pergolas, screen panels, trellis, fences, garden gates, garden houses,Perfect for pressure impregnated wood. Suitable for thermowood.


  • Highest efficiency.
  • Best chemical resistance.
  • Excellent scratch and abrasion resistance.
  • Extremely matte to extremely high gloss surfaces.
  • Environmental friendliness due to low VOC or even VOC-free coating systems.