Tob 100 Stain

Tob 100 Stain

Water based transparent finish for exterior wood.


Tob 100 Stain Effect Wood Stain is a newly developed transparent finish for exterior wood and in accordance with our proven oil polymer dispersions. It creates especially on roughly sawn wood an elegant metallic appearance with an ultra-resistant surface. The paint is open-pored, breathable and highly resistant to any kind of weathering as well as mechanical damage and bonds permanently with the wood surface. It is breathable and moisture regulating, does not crack and flake off and needed in the case of renovation usually just another coat on the cleaned surface. The polymer dispersion protects the surface against weathering and moisture. Colour pigments with high UV resistance ensure long lasting beauty.

Typical Applications:

  • All wood at the house: Timber cladding, construction timber, roof overhangs, trusses, balcony cladding, carports, shutters, garage doors.
  • All roughly sawn timber in the garden: Pergolas, screens, trellis, fences, garden gates, garden houses… Preparation: The surface to be treated must be dry max. moisture content 14% and clean.
  • Remove old varnish coatings and loose paint. Processing: Stir well. If possible apply first coat on all sides of the untreated wood before installation. Application with Flat Brush.


  • It gives rough sawn wooden facades an elegant, slightly metallic effect.
  • Extremely weather-resistant.
  • Water-based.
  • One component polyurethane ready to use.