Tob FRS Plan

Tob FRS Plan

Self-levelling,hydraulic fast setting and crack-free hardening levelling compound.


Dry mortar, high quality, factory-mixed with a special cement combination, prepared mineral fillers, organic and inorganic additives.

Typical Applications:

  • The hardened, plane coating can be directly covered after just 6 hours with tiles and floor slabs in a thin-bed procedure, e.g. with Tobslak Flex Cement. Carpeting, parquet, PVC or linoleum can be laid after the levelling layer has thoroughly dried.
  • Tob FRS Plan has a very hard surface and can also be directly used without a cover. Examples: for levelling floors in housing and administration buildings (chair wheel proof), for vehicles with soft tyres and fork lifts (air, rubber or steel reinforced tyres in warehouses and industrial halls).
  • Non-absorbent substrates, e.g. bituminous mastic concrete, old ceramic tiles and natural stone floors as well as wood floors should be levelled with Tob Surface plan 10 . If increased abrasion is expected, use Tob FRS plan 20.


  • Fast working through high flowing capacity and self-smoothing surface.
  • Layer thickness from seamless to 10 mm, also for surfaces with indentations up to 30 mm.
  • Low inherent stress, hardens crack-free.
  • Sets quickly and can be subjected to foot traffic after 3-4 hours.
  • High adhesive, compressive and tensile strength.
  • Can be subjected to fork lift traffic.
  • Can be coated with paints and synthetic resins.
  • Ideal for levelling floors before applying floor coatings.