Tob Epoxy SL Primer

Tob Epoxy SL Primer

Component epoxy primer for concrete surfaces.


Tob Epoxy SL Primer is suitable for priming concrete surfaces prior to application of any epoxy floor coating. It is a two component epoxy based primer with good penetrative properties. Equally suitable for wall priming.

Typical Applications:

  • Production line areas like processing plants, storage areas, loading bays, etc.
  • Fertilizers and petrochemical plants.
  • Bottling plant, Power houses, Pharmaceutical Industries, Paper mills / Textile Mills, Diaries & breweries, Automobile plant.
  • Effluent treatment plant lining. Can be used as coving material.
  • Used as coving material on the wall and floor joints.


It is used as a primer on concrete floor prior to the application of base coat/floor coats like epoxy screeds, epoxy mortars or polyurethane flooring. It has the following properties:

  • Better bonding , Excellent adhesion to concrete.
  • No water absorption,Prevents formation of bubbles in the final epoxy layer.
  • Seals porous surface to give quality finish.
  • This not only helps ensure good adhesion but also prevents air release from the porous substrate which may cause air bubbles in the final epoxy top coat.