Tob Chemical Resistance (CR) Coatings

Tob Chemical Resistance (CR) Coatings

High quality, matt, water emulsifiable, pigmented, epoxy resin binder.


Tob Epoxy TS 300 is used as a sealant in floor and wall areas for surfaces that are subjected to mechanical and chemical loads.

Typical Applications:

  • Tob CR coating designed for use on surfaces where chemical resistance is required such as bund walls and floors, containment areas, production areas, fork lift charging areas, hangars, and other areas with corrosive chemical attack.
  • The primed substrate must be load-bearing, sound, free of loose material, dust, oils, grease, rubber marks and other substances with a separating effect.
  • The tensile strength of the surface must be 1.5 N/ mm² on average; compressive strength minimum 25 N/mm².
  • Residual moisture (maximum by mass): 4% (concrete or cement screed). In the case of anhydrite and magnesite screeds, the penetration of moisture from building elements or the ground must be absolutely excluded.
  • If moisture is high due to new construction then Epoxy PUR 100 should be specified as a DPM primer beneath this system.
  • The substrate is to be prepared by suitable measures such as captive shot blasting or diamond grinding so that it meets the specified requirements.
  • Broken out and missing areas must be repaired with a suitable repair compound.


  • Two component epoxy resin coating, available in a range of colours.
  • Exceptional chemical resistance.
  • The system components are designed to used together to form a range of FeRFA (The Resin Flooring Association) Type 3 flooring systems, Medium Duty.
  • Applied by brush, epoxy roller or airless spray (professional use).