Tob Epoxy TS 200

Tob Epoxy TS 200

Pigmented, water emulsifiable, epoxy resin for versatile use.


Tob Epoxy TS 200 is used as a primer or adhesion promoter in surface protection systems that are used on floor and wall areas.

Typical Applications:

  • The substrate must be loadbearing, dimensionally stable, sound, free of loose material, dust, oil, grease, rubber marks or other substances that could interfere with adhesion. Tensile strength of the substrate must be 1.5 N/mm² on average and compressive strength at least 25 N/mm². The substrate must also have sufficiently reacted and be loadbearing.
  • In the case of anhydrite and magnesite screeds, the penetration of moisture from building elements or the ground must be absolutely excluded. Examine ceramic covers, old coatings, levelling compounds and interior poured asphalt (AS IC 10) for coating suitability. If necessary, set up trial areas.


  • Tobslak Breathable flooring.
  • Breathable flooring.
  • Water vapours can pass through the coating.
  • Fast, reliable and easy to apply – even in cases of rising damp.
  • Odourless, non toxic.
  • Conforms with the strict VOC directive.
  • Can be applied in enclosed areas with minimum ventillation.
  • Physiologically safe after curing : hygienic coating.