Tob Polyfloor 80

Tob Polyfloor 80

One component polyurethane coating for Industrial Floor.


Tob Polyfloor 80 is an extremely hard wearing, one component polyurethane coating, ideal for car parks, garages, industrial plants, basements, warehouses, inspection pits, aircraft hangers etc.

Typical Applications:

  • Tob Polyfloor 80 is decorative coatings can be produced by scattering in our special colour flakes into the wet coating.
  • On a primed substrate apply first coat of Polyfloor 80 (approx. 200-250g/m²).
  • Distribute the material in crosswise direction using rubber wiper.
  • Roll immediately with lambswool roller in a lengthwise direction.
  • For industrial floors apply 2 coats of 200-250g / m².


  • Due to its thixotropic nature, a problem- free application to vertical surfaces is possible.
  • Hair cracks can be bridged to give a highly elastic floor sealant.
  • Excellent solvent and chemical resistance.
  • High covering power in all colours.
  • Silk finish (No disturbing reflections).
  • High wear resistance, yet elastic.
  • Application with a roller gives an orange peel effect giving good traction Long shelf life.
  • Long shelf life.
  • Quick curing and accessible after 8 hours, full cure after 50 hrs.
  • One component polyurethane ready to use.