Tobslak Tbyrofest AS

Tobslak Tbyrofest AS

Mortar adhesive -increase tensile strength.


Tobslak Tbyrofest AS strengthening of chalky or soft substrates. It is more suitable because of its fine dispersion structure. Since the deepest possible penetration is required to work on dry substrates.

Typical Applications:

  • Greater adhesional-tensile strength of the hardened mortar.
  • Increases the adhesion of the fresh mortar (bonding layer).
  • Reduces crack formation.
  • Improves abrasion resistance.
  • Elastifies and increases impact resistance by converting the brittle-hard mortar structure into tough, impact resistant structure (high flexural/tensile strength at lower compressive strength).
  • Improvement of chemical resistance.
  • Seals the structure up to water impermeable.


  • It helps to reduces crack formation, forms elastic membranes throughout the matrix.
  • Improving the tensile and flexural strengths of mortars and concrete.
  • At low water to cement ratios the flow properties are improved relative to unmodified mixtures.
  • The product offers low odor and low volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), and can be used for repair mortars, floor screeds and other mixtures that contain Portland cement or other hydraulic binders.
  • At the proper usage level, Tobslak Tbyrofest AS forms elastic membranes throughout the matrix.
  • reducing the formation of voids and hairline cracks during the curing stage.                
  • The resultant concrete shows improved resistance to penetration of acid rain, oil, and salts; aids in the adhesion of the new concrete to old; and has increased abrasion resistance and reduced shrinkage.