Tobslak Tobust Grout

Tobslak Tobust Grout

Cementitious one-component waterproof coating high quality, sulphate resistant waterproofing grout for waterproofing buildings in the Tbyrosil System. For use indoors and outdoors.


Tobust Grout is a cementitious, ready-mixed powder, which is mixed with water to form a dense, waterproof surface barrier. It consists of Portland cement, well graded quartz sand and polymer enhanced special chemical ingredients. 

Tobust Grout does not contain any ingredients which could negatively affect reinforcement or concrete. After mixing with water it cures to a hard, rigid membrane. In zones posed to cracking or movement Tobust Grout is recommended. 

Colors: GRAY

Typical Applications:

  • Horizontal or vertical applications to concrete, masonry, brick and parging (render).
  • For coating manure basins and sewage treatment plants when combined with Tobslak Tbyrosil and Elasto Grout.
  • For waterproofing new buildings (cellars) and building elements against ground damp (moisture) from the exterior as well as against rising damp in the positioning areas of walls with good adhesive shear strength.
  • Waterproof coating of new or old structures, above or below grade, positive or negative water pressure side.
  • For subsequent waterproofing of cellars from the interior against ground damp, non- standing and standing seepage water, water pressure and water from behind.
  • As protection from moisture from behind when new buildings are waterproofed with crack-bridging, Tobslak Bitumen Thick Coatings or Tbyrothane 1K.
  • Potable water tanks, Basements.
  • In a system for substrates with salt loads.
  • Horizontal or vertical applications to concrete, masonry, brick and parging (render).


  • Economic, 1-component, cementitious waterproofing coating.
  • Tobslak Grout is a high quality, cement bound building waterproofing material with outstanding product properties.
  • Waterproofed in just one day.
  • Easy and fast to work on sand- lime brick, brick and concrete substrates.
  • Highly water impermeable under water pressure (also water pressing from behind!).
  • Deep protection of the waterproofed substrate through silicification with Tbyrosil.
  • Adheres extremely well to the substrate, forming a bond.
  • Particularly resistant to mechanical and chemical action.
  • Applied above or below grade.
  • Resists strong hydrostatic pressure.
  • Applied to positive or negative water pressure side.
  • Easy to use - needs only to be mixed with water prior to application.
  • Not a vapor barrier - lets concrete "breathe".